August 20th, 2017

“A catechist is a person of faith, hope and love attached to arms and legs with aches, and pains, family duties and not enough time. A catechist is an ordinary person who is extraordinary because he or she teaches as Jesus did. A catechist is faithful to the past, open to the future, but especially dedicated to deepening the faith of the present generation.” A catechist at St. John the Evangelist is one who follows the guidelines as set forth by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia adding their creativity, knowledge and personality to each lesson.

To this end, I would like to share the basic curriculum that is taught in the PREP program here at St. John the Evangelist Parish. Our dedicated catechists number about 30 and they are willing to make the effort to plan and then present the tenets of our Catholic faith to the students. There is always room for more catechists or volunteers, so if you feel that your talents can be shared with the students while spreading the Good News of the Gospel, then the PREP family welcomes you.


GR K – God gives us many gifts. He is our Creator and through Jesus shows us His love. Activities, stories, songs, and prayers assist the children gain a sense of belonging to God’s family.

GR 1 – God loves us and we are special in the eyes of our Creator. The students learn that Jesus died and rose to new life, and that each person is a vital part of a parish community.

GR 2 – The students prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. They study the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Con rmation. They also study about the lives of saints and the person of Mary.

GR 3 – The students learn about the basic prayers and understand the Mass is the center of our religious belief.

GR 4 – Students learn how God’s laws guide us and teaches us to respond to the call of holiness. They learn that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. The Commandments, Precepts of the Church lives of saints, feasts, devotions, and Catholic practices are taught. GR 5 – Students learn that Jesus shares His life and mission through the celebration of the seven sacraments. The de nition, the symbols, and the minister of each sacrament are studied in detail.

GR 6 – The curriculum concentrates on preparing the students for their reception of the Sacrament of Con rmation. The year also focuses on the study of the Old Testament as the root of our Catholic faith.

GR 7-8-9 – The students focus on their sacramental life, on build- ing a strong relationship with God through prayer and community service. The connection of the Creed, Church History, New Testa- ment, Morality and Liturgy of the Word are presented.

Mixed Levels – GR 10-12 – Catechesis is individualized and stu- dents understand the connection between what is learned and how this can be witness in the community. They continue to see how their talents and faith knowledge are important for the parish community.

Barbara Ann Nuzzolo
Director of Religious Education

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